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Ensuring data integrity through robust Governance, Rules, and Compliance (GRC)

Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Data is the new currency that powers today's digital economy, with data centers emerging as the unsung heroes that underpin our increasingly interconnected world. Thus, for any organization, the resilience of the data-center that stores, manages and distributes data is paramount. As mission critical applications and business operations move to the cloud, the need for service assurance and risk governance of Data Centre infrastructure and operations become a must.


Explore Technavious' industry leading Governace, Risk and Compliance services, that enable data centre operations level-up their performance and meet Industry Standards for best-in-class service delivery and peformance. We enable Data centers comply with various regulatory requirements, industry standards, and contractual obligations that ensure the security and privacy of data.


Infrastructure Health Check

Data Center infrastructure requirements are ever-evolving. As a DC operator, it is important to ensure that your current environment is meeting the industrial standards and best practices for delivering reliable performance. Technavious offers Data Center Health-Check and Gap Analysis services that ensure DC infrastructure is performing as expected, so that future upgrade, expansion and migration can be carried out seamlessly and cost-effectivity.


Data Centre Health-check is performed by Technavious' own certified DC experts, adhering to globally accepted standards like Uptime/TIA, ASHRAE, IEE, ISO etc. Conduct a thorough assessment of your data center's unique requirements, including regulatory obligations, risk profile, and operational characteristics.


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Assurance and Audit

Assurance services from Technavious gives your stakeholders confidence in the high standards of your data center operations. As clients are increasingly sensitive to the measures taken to ensure availability of their systems and protection of their confidential and personal data; real or perceived security breaches may cause them to believe that your data center is unable to conduct business securely and responsibly. Deficiencies in your data center's system controls and governance methods may put your customer at risk and can lead to reputational damage both to you and your clients.


Technavious offers Implementation and Audit services aligned to globally acknowledged standards and protocols including;


ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

ISO 22237: DC Facilities and Infrastructure

ISO 27001: Information Security Management System

ISO/IEC 20000-1: IT Service Management

ISO 45001: Operational Health and Safety

PCI DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

ISO 9001 2013: Quality Management System

CSA STAR: Cloud Security Alliance - Secure Trust Assurance and Risk


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For more than 90 years, TIA has earned the trust of the world's most recognized Information and Communications Technology (ICT) brands that serve the global marketplace across every industry. TIA's mission is to accelerate connectivity, encourage investment and drive innovation, jobs, and economic opportunity.​

Today, TIA continues to evolve as the ICT industry navigates complex technology shifts and a changing policy landscape. TIA leadership is deeply involved in U.S. and international policy advocacy, technology, and standards development TIA is also working on facilitating new business opportunities and industry research, TIA and its member companies are advancing global connectivity to deliver wide societal benefits.​


The TIA-942 Certification Program enables data centers to be reviewed and certified for conformity to the requirements of the globally-recognized ANSI/TIA-942 standard, providing greater assurance to customers and stakeholders.


TIA rating program offers data center owners the following advantages​


- Complete infrastructure rating​

- Practical and Incremental Approach​

- Balance between risk and investment​

- All potential risks are evaluated​

- Continuous surveillance during the 3-year validity​

- Assurance to customers on the reliability​

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