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IS27001 Implementation and Audit

Primary Reasons

  • Improve customer Trust by assuring compliance with industry standard framework requirements​

  • Improve marketing edge (image and credibility) by attaining certification to ISO 27001​

  • Reduce impact related to information security incidents​

  • Improve internal organization by better defining responsibilities and duties

Secondary Reasons

  • Integrate information security with business process for better alignment​

  • Improve decisions based on data from the information security management system​

  • Create a culture of continual improvement of the information security​

  • Improve employee, and other interested parties' engagement in information security management


  • Information security policies​

  • Organization of information security​

  • Human resource security​

  • Asset management​

  • Access control​

  • Cryptography​

  • Physical and environmental security

  • Communications security​

  • System acquisition, development and maintenance​

  • Supplier relationships​

  • Information security incident management​

  • Information security aspects of business continuity management


Planning ISMS framework
Risk assessment
Internal Audit
Management Review
Corrective Actions
Certification Audit
Continual Improvement Setup


  • ISMS General requirements documents and statement of applicability​

  • Develop ISMS related documents defined by the organization (e.g., documents for security controls, Policy  and Procedures)​

  • Definition of risk assessment methodology and organization’s risk profile​

  • Measurement, analysis, and improvement processes


  • Defining the ISMS framework based on the context ​

  • Identifying the current risk scenario​

  • Selecting and implementing proper security controls​

  • Providing proper awareness, training, and education to the users​

  • Providing relevant information to management for the first critical review of the ISMS for continual improvement​

  • Selecting the proper certification body to certify the system

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