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At Technavious Solutions, we appreciate that design and implementation of FTTx network is a complex task and involvement of expert in entire process is extremely important. Most of the Telecom Project companies make mistake of treating FTTx implementation like any other OFC project. Such approach leads to high cost of implementation with significant delays. The uniqueness of FTTx implementation comes from the fact that such deployment may require almost 50 to 100 times more drop points along the fiber route, compared to transport network OFC deployment. Convergence of 5G and FTTH on common access network, makes it further challenging. Our objective is to make the entire process of FTTx design and deployment agile, efficient and cost otimized, by leveraging power of automation tools and involvement of experienced professionals. We also help our clients ensure future proof and flexible design to support the emerging needs.

FTTx Design as a Service (F-DAS)

Technavious Solutions offers Design as Service for all kind of Optical Fiber Networks as part of our service for following Category of Networks: Transport Network Design, Point to Point (P2P) FTTx, Point to Multi-Point(P2MP) FTTx

Network Consultancy for Broadband Access (NetCon)

The most critical task for any new network provider is to decide the strategy of Design, Deployment and Operations of the network. It is very important to understand that all stages of network build and subsequent management, have strong linkage. If network is not designed with right resource, systems, Tools and Processes, it may have implications for Operations KPI.

Campus Network and In-Building design

Fiber has become the most popular choice for In-building and Campus Network Connectivity. Rapid growth of Private LTE, Small cell, Wi-Fi6, Industry 4.0, Building Automation Technologies and need for improving In-building Coverage, have created significant demand of fiber connectivity from Campuses, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Malls, Universities, Large Factories, Mines etc.

Mapping and Digitalization Solutions

Business across the world is in process of embracing Digital Transformation at a speed, never seen before. The starting point of any Digital transformation journey is information digitalization. Hence there is massive drive to Digitalize all information about people, process, place, objects, structures and anything of general interest.

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