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 "Technavious  Mission is to Raise Global Digital Prosperity by delivering Sustainability led Design and Value Based Engineering Solutions for Data-Center" 

Whether it is upgrading of ageing DC infrastructure, a greenfield DC project or implementing modern controls, Technavious is uniquely positioned to cater to this mission critical industry. Our technical engineers, functional specialists, and program managers provide effective and customized solutions – aligned to client’s DC objectives, while balancing constraints on schedule, budget, sustainability  and  risk. 
Explore Technavious' industry leading Governace, Risk and Compliance services, that enable data centre operations level-up their performance and meet Industry Standards for best-in-class service delivery and peformance. We enable Data centers comply with various regulatory requirements, industry standards, and contractual obligations that ensure the security and privacy of data.

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  • Develop energy-efficient cooling systems, utilize renewable energy sources, & implement modular architectures for scalability & resource optimization.

  • Design data-centers to withstand extreme weather events & adapt to changing  environmental  conditions.

  • Use automation & AI to optimize data center operations, predict failures, & identify oppurtunities for further efficiency gain.

  • Design data centers that enable circular economy through reduction of material intensity, minimize waste, increase recyclability and optimize efficiency of used resources"

Value Based Engineering that pave the way for Future-Ready Data-Centers

Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure to Global Standards through GRC & Continued Enhancements

  • Through audits , analyze energy consumption, resource utilization, & waste generation to identify areas for improvement.

  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and industry sustanibility standards.

  • Assess & mitigate risks associated with environmental impact, resource depletion & potential disruptions due to climate change.

  • Analyze data collected from monitoring systems to track progress , measure impact, & identify areas for further optimization.

26+ yearsDesign & Implementation - Safety & Security ComponentsDECE

26+ years Design & Implementation - Safety & Security Components DECE

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