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Campus Network and In-Building design

Fiber has become the most popular choice for In-building and Campus Network Connectivity. Rapid growth of Private LTE, Small cell, Wi-Fi6, Industry 4.0, Building Automation Technologies and need for improving In-building Coverage, have created significant demand of fiber connectivity from Campuses, Gated Communities, Hospitals, Malls, Universities, Large Factories, Mines etc. Fiber is becoming ubiquitous but design complexity is also increasing with multiple use cases. Hence it is important to engage a partner capable of designing the fiber Networks that supports different use cases. Technavious Solutions has deep expertise of designing such networks.

We offer following solutions to our clients

  • Survey of the premises to capture key information for Designing the Networks

  • Design of the network – Engineering design, Drawings, Bill of Quantity

  • Asset Management System – This is Geospatial based system to maintain and manage all the assets deployed.

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