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FTTx Design as a Service (F-DAS)

Technavious Solutions offers Design as Service for all kind of Optical Fiber Networks as part of our service for following Category of Networks,

1. Transport Network Design – Ring, Mesh, Hybrid Fiber Networks

2. Point to Point (P2P) FTTx – Fiber to the Cell Site, Fiber to the Enterprises, Fiber to the Building, Fiber to the Cabinet. We have developed capabilities to design and support X-Haul Requirement for Virtual RAN and 5G networks.

3. Point to Multi-Point(P2MP) FTTx – Fiber to the Home, Fiber to the Premises, Fiber to the Micro-Enterprises.

As part of F-DaaS offering, following specific Solution are provided

1. Digital Survey - Street view Panoramic, Drone, LIDAR, Digital Survey App

2. High Level Design and Business Case Analysis

3. Engineering design – Low level design, Splicing and Termination Plan, Engineering Drawing for Construction

4. Asset and Inventory Management – Post Network implementation, repository for managing assets can be provided for capturing following details – Network build drawing with details about Network assets like cable, fiber strands, splicing details, fiber termination details, joint Placements, branch points, port details, section details.

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