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Data Processing

Case Study 1

Customer :​  Automobile Manufacturing plant​

Service :​  DC Audit

Trigger :​  Customers production plant has a 50 rack Data center. Implemented redundancy is N+1 for Electrical and cooling. A maintenance on the primary UPS was planned. During the execution of the maintenance, 40 to 50% of the racks were shut down when the primary UPS was shut down for maintenance. The primary UPS had to be restored for operations before even getting the maintenance was carried out. However, the TTR was approximately 8 to 9 hours which caused them a production down time to bring up all the 20 to 25 racks to production.​

Audit & findings :​  

Experts at TSPL had carried for a thorough physical audit and the following issues where figured out during the same:​

  • Both Primary and secondary power supply of all the  racks that shut down during the maintenance where on the Primary UPS. ​

  • Customers operations team had no track of when this changed.

Resolutions :​  

  • Complete study and documentation of the data center Infrastructure and state​

  • Recommended correcting the distribution of the power sources between the Primary and secondary sources.​

  • Implement smart PDU’s and remote monitoring and management of all devices​

  • Implement change management for best control on changes made to the implementation

Advantages :​  

  • Best understanding of the current DC status​

  • Better control on changes made in future​

  • Improved monitoring and management of the DC using innovative technologies​

  • Confidence on the availability, redundancy and resilience.

Case Study 2

Customer :​  Upcoming Facility for Hyperscale DC

Service :​  Design review

Trigger :​  Customer has a two upcoming sites in India. The facility’s implementation had started and the peer review of the design was initiated. 

Review & findings :​  

Experts at TSPL had carried for a review of the designs and the following design parameters had gaps:​

  • IT capacity of the data center was only considered and the cooling capacity was inadequate.​

  • DC design validation was not performed. When TSPL did the cooling design validation it was identified that there were a lot of negative flow in areas closer to the cooling units.​

  • Power distribution was through cables and the quantity of cables where higher

Resolutions :​  

  • Recalculations of the cooling requirement was proposed and capacity of the cooling infrastructure was corrected​

  • Report and design recommendations on the space and architecture of the DC were submitted for the best cooling efficiency​

  • Recommended using of a continuous bus bar.

Advantages :​  

  • Better capacity and efficiency of the cooling infrastructure​

  • Easy scalable electrical infrastructure.

Case Study 3

Customer :​  DC of Service Provider

Service :​  Testing and Commissioning project management

Trigger :​  Customer has a two upcoming site in India. The facility’s implementation had started. The testing and commissioning of the data center was scheduled.

Activities :​  TSPL navigators had carried out the following activities for the testing and commissioning.​

  • Five stage process – FAT, QA/QC, Start-up testing and commissioning, site acceptance test and IST​

  • Checklist prepared for each stages and infrastructure​

  • Test scripts prepared for all stages and infrastructure​

  • Inspected FAT, QA/QC executions.​

  • Awaiting schedules for STC, SAT and IST

Outcome :​  

  • All infrastructure implementation, commissioned and tested by a third party​

  • Planned commissioning and testing

Advantages :​  

  • Confirmation on tests, outputs, efficiency, capacity and scalability of every component of the Infrastructure​

  • Assurance on the operability and reliability of the Infrastructure and data center

Case Study 4

Customer :​  Hyper Scale DC

Service :​  TIA942 rating services – Design and Facility

Trigger :​  As per guidelines of Meity, customer had to get the data center design and implementation certified for Government agencies to use their co location facility.

Review and findings :​  

  • TSPL TIA942 lead auditors were provided with the complete design and as built drawings of the facility.​

  • Auditors review the design and carried out a physical audit of the data center.​

  • Following are a few non-compliances as findings of the audit:​

  • No redundancy in the chilled water supply​

  • Chiller supply blocking air flow in the supply plenum inside the data center​

  • Chiller lines crossing through battery room and UPS room. This was considered a vulnerability to the Electrical infrastructure in cases of leakage.​

  • Safety and security components was not implemented as per standards requirement.​

  • Corrective actions on above and others major NCs  were proposed to the design and implementation

Advantages :​  

  • Complete infrastructure rating​

  • Practical and Incremental Approach​

  • Balance between risk and investment​

  • All potential risks are evaluated​

  • Continuous surveillance during the 3-year validity​

  • Assurance to customers on the reliability

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