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Network Consultancy for Broadband Access (NetCon)

The most critical task for any new network provider is to decide the strategy of Design, Deployment and Operations of the network. It is very important to understand that all stages of network build and subsequent management, have strong linkage. If network is not designed with right Resource, Systems, Tools and Processes, it may have implications for Operations KPI.

Cost of build is also important and based on budgetary guidelines, there can be multiple options to design the network. Technavious Solutions engages deeply with the client to understand the needs, constraints and vision, before recommending any specific solution. In this entire process, Design and Capex analysis tools are used extensive to help our client arrive at the best possible solutions.

We also offer our consultancy services for existing operators for transformation of the network. For example, an existing copper based broadband provider using xDSL / DOCSIS / may plan to migrate customers on GPON based FTTH solution. We recommend possible strategy for gradual migration of Copper based customers to fiber based broadband, with best cost options.

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