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Site Selection 

Data Centers are a huge investment and most midsize companies need to setup their own data centers to run their business operations. Building new data centers is a time-consuming effort needing millions of dollars and months of planning. Companies cannot afford to make a wrong decision when designing and setting up new data center. Selecting a site for a data center does not mean looking for close corporate office proximity or other traditional parameters as  any other office spaces. Following parameters should be considered: 

  • Disaster avoidance 

  • Network carrier availability 

  • Power availability 

  • Transport/Accessibility 

  • Cost 

  • Manpower availability 

  • Safety and security 

  • Environment and climatic conditions. 

At Technavious, we rely on standards and its parameters. We adhere to physical study, check list, soil test, environmental and geospatial study of the site before a decision is made. In addition, the history and the geography of the site is studied before concluding on a site for the data center  


  • Calculated risk and mitigation 

  • Adherence to standards 

  • Planned CAPEX and OPEX utilization  

  • Ensure reliability of the facility by the organization 

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