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Mapping and Digitalization Solutions

Business across the world is in process of embracing Digital Transformation at a speed, never seen before. The starting point of any Digital Transformation journey is information digitalization. Hence there is massive drive to Digitalize all information about people, process, place, objects, structures and anything of general interest. Post Digitalization of information, the next step is geotagging of the information digitalized which assigns it the location capability, popularly termed as Vectorization of Information. Subsequently, entire digital dataset needs to be integrated on any useful System or Platform, to leverage the full potential of Digitalization. The world is moving rapidly towards the ultimate stage of Digitalization termed as “Digital Reality” or “Digital Twin”. There are numerous systems, tools and sensors involved in this entire process. Technavious is one of the thought leaders in this space and making significant efforts to bring the benefits of various advanced Mapping and Digitalization Techniques for end users as One stop solution provider.

Technavious offers following solutions for Mapping and Digitalization:

  • LiDAR Survey and Engineering

  • 360 Photogrammetry

  • Drone + LiDAR survey HD Imaging and Image Classification using AI/ML

  • 3D Modelling and Digital Twin solution

  • AI/ML based Image Classification

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